New to our Inventory!

  1. A violin By Carl Becker and Son No. 683 Made in 1961

2. A violin by Antonio Stradivari- Composite

  3. A Violin by J.B. Vuillaume c. 1865 Stra
d Model

  4. A violin by S. F. Saconni, Rome 1928

  5. A viola by  S. F. Saconni, Rome 1929

 6. A cello by S. F. Saconni, Rome-New York, 1932-33

 7. A violin by J. B. Guadagnini, Please call for Details.

  8. A VIOLIN BY G. F. Pressenda 1834

9. A viola by Stephan Von Baehr.
                                                                                                     Now Available, an  Important Cello by Lorenzo and Tomasso  Carcassi C. 1770
Alberghini Fine Violins is the premier place to purchase an instrument or sell your current instrument. With the largest inventory of antique and modern instruments, and located in the heart of the world's classical music center, we are in a unique position to serve our clientele. 

Operated in the tradition of the old European instrument shops, we guarantee the authenticity of every instrument we sell. Our research on authenticity is based on years of accumulated knowledge, unique access to a pool of information and consultation with the world's top experts.

We are thrilled to present this very well preserved cello by L. & T Carcassi., now available for sale.